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How to restart all levels at once? Web Development Game

Hello everybody,
When playing any game for the first time, the yellow cursor shows me the level to start it.
Now, I’m done the whole game, no yellow cursor.

Now I want to play them again.
The question is: HOW to restart the whole game “to restart all levels at once”?

Although I know that I can restart every single one from the same page, I mean them all.
Because sometimes I get back to some levels, I can’t see the level in the mab because the design of the title of the game sometimes covers it, like level 9 in “Web development”.

Hi Katelin,

Welcome to discourse!

If you click on your account name at the bottom left of the map, and then on settings. At the bottom of this page is a ‘reset all progress’ option. Is that what you’re after?

You can also ask @nick to reset everything and keep your gems.
But @nick probably won’t visit this post because he is working on CoCo stuff.
You go to settings and click on reset all progress. I did it too!