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Passing Through Exploit


I was playing “Passing Through” and I realized that you don’t need to search for the gems if you insert a code to move towards flags. Flag are not banned in this level, and you can just place flags around the mushrooms and then to the gems, then you can put one at the end.

I think it would be great if someone could ban this flags from being used in this level, thank you.


I doubt anyone is going to make that requested change. It has been reported on other levels that flags can be used to cheat as well. Anyone who does that is only cheating themselves out of the opportunity to learn the lesson of the level. If your goal is to just finish CodeCombat as soon as possible, by all means, cheat away. If you’re going to cheat, why bother coding to use flags at all? Just google the answers and copy and paste them into the level. That’s even easier.

There are no medals for completing CodeCombat. There are no parades and no trophies. There is only the personal satisfaction of learning something. If you finish and haven’t learned anything, it’s your fault and your fault alone. Cheating provides you with nothing but a quick finish. Cheating is a choice. If you’re trying to learn something, you won’t do it. You’ll struggle with the code to find a proper answer. On some levels it takes time and self-discipline. The rewards are immeasurable.


Also remember that while we’re a game, we’re also teaching users to program and in the real world there are often more than one way to solve a programming issue.

So you can defeat a level in more than one way, and that’s ok. The only time we really worry about “cheating” is in the arena and if we’re trying to teach a specific concept and it’s much easier to ignore that concept and use a different method.


This is true, not just for CodeCombat, but for almost everything you will ever do. Thanks, @MunkeyShynes.