Hows me armor fo ritic?

heres me armor fo ritic (feel free to post your best armor fo ritic but only fo ritic)

I have crypt key!!!


Nice!!! (20 unclear sentence characters)

do you have ritic @Monsty ?

Sadly, no :expressionless: :expressionless: I’m too poor

I think your armour is good and I have Ritic.

@Deadpool198 do you have ritic???


No, Senick rules :grin:

sennick is good in health and heal is op tho… but in ability’s ritic is beta
how about you @dedreous ???

i prefer ritic because of phase-shift

who do you like the most
  • sienek
  • ritic
  • amara
  • naria
  • Zana

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which is beta


  • duh ritic
  • duh sienick
  • i do not know which to choose
  • I do not use rangers

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its senick not sienick btw(20 rangers)

@htrnblr do you have ritic???

my new armor!!!


How do you get the krypt key

save 3700 gems and click apline rally

u will see crypt key in required

Thanks for explaining

wut is your armor fo ritic @Eric_Tang???