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Ritic is not death

I have been looking for clues in code combat about the whole Ritic = death thing and guess what they are false! The description on the Precision Rifle said that the master ranger shot the left eye of death itself but Ritic is missing his right eye. See screenshot below.

P.S. please tell me if this is a dead topic

no, for ritic, his left eye is shot out.
btw, never buy the presion sniper thingy, buy rapidfire

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.25.48 PM

That’s a lighted, or ‘live’ eye :wink:

that is sort of my point. I think that that is the left eye.

Oh, ok…try looking in a mirror and imagine you have his gear on. Point to your left eye, then turn around, with your finger still pointing and try to imagine how this looks. Your left hand will be pointing to your left eye:
If you can, carefully turn your head to the left and see how your left are is cocked in the mirror.

now I got it thanks!

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