I have 39055 gems

What ranger/warrior equipment do I buy? (side note: do NOT suggest shiver or best warrior armor)
Heroes I have:
Starter heroes
Armando & Ned
Equipment I have available:

  • Wait until I have premium again to buy a hero
  • Buy equipment for Zana and/or Ned or Armando (please specify by replying to the topic)

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My equipment:

I also have rune sword & holy sword.

I also have the precision rifle.

I suggest you get a good hero because you can use any equipment using the “thing.”

I think you should get ~2000 more gems and get Usara Master Wizard because she has some really good spells, and is definitely worth the price

I think you should get the Gift of the Trees(Shredder is good enough) for Zana or the Sword of the temple Guard. Those are good weapons. Another choice is to buy a pet.

Wdym the “thing”? I can’t open the inspector.

Gift of the Trees is too expensive (as in not worth it).

Usara is only 21k… I could afford her AND Illia once I have premium again…

I would get a stronger sword, like sotf which I think is 5 K or smthing

You can get the Shredder or the Sword of the Temple Guard.

I’ve prefer sword of the forgotten, kb can rlly help some times

I can get both xD

It’s around 4k and it’s not that good. SOTTG is better. :wink:

If you want to get both, get it. Shredder is very good, low cooldown, high damage, bounce off walls, and makes you a super, super, super good headhunter in team humans. SOTTG has high damage and attacks 4 times a sec, very useful against swarms, so you should get both.

Great sword is better for munchkin swarms btw. It one-shots munchkins and hits more than 4 times in a second. :grin:

That’s the biggest insult any one has ever said to be (lol)

But sottg has a better powerUp() and it also is better in swarms.

My No. 1 reason:

sword of the forgotten is sword of the forgotten

Great sword is not good for mixed ogre swarms as it’s damage is not very good so SOTTG is better.

So it’s forgotten by history because it’s so bad. :grin: jk, jk

But great sword is the best for munchkin swarms, so if you are SURE you have a munchkin swarm with only a few non-munchkins, use it.