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[Idea] Mage Items

@Chaboi_3000 if nick can beat everyone using Tharin and Boss Star 5, I can beat your “infinite damage infinite attack speed shoot through walls” warlock if I am allowed to use nick’s same method.

So yeah. Without cheating, nick can’t beat everyone with Tharin and Boss Star 5 (even though it’s cheating to have Boss Star 5 in the first place)

I know Nick’s against cheating so he probably won’t use it.

so he won’t beat everyone using Tharin, so subscribers will still always be at the top of leaderboards

Then why don’t you subscribe

Subscribing also contributes to more learning and it helps you get the hang of using whatever programming language you’re using.

@Chaboi_3000 I already mastered everything in Python and JS unless they release new concepts and stuff so no point in subbing tbh

How to get boss star 5?

@xantar you have to hack the system if you’re not an admin

@Chaboi_3000 can i have a cool title 2. I have been super active and am a regular and i help out a lot yet i don’t get the helpfull user title :sob:

Well, you can make an admin account by doing localhost in the old coco repo, then you can get godmode and admin and get the boss star 5. But this does not connect to the main server and the old coco repo barely has any levels in it.

how about Alexbrand?

Who’s Alexbrand? (die 20 chars die)

He’s #1 on the cavern survival and he’s a non subscriber

Actually number 2. I am #1 now :stuck_out_tongue:

big oof right there…

Interesting challenge. Try fighting against my blue Tharin strategy on Dueling Grounds. Boss Star IV, no pet or other subscriber-only items. I’m currently able to beat everyone except the best-played Ritic, against whom I tie, although most Ritics I can defeat if I play it right.


Wow. I gotta say I’ve never thought of the camper strategy.

@Deadpool198 did you realize i beat you to the chase. I got the helpful user title before you :smile:

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I made that a wiki in case @Alexbrand becomes #1 again

…you coded it so that I attack the decoys, regardless of my code?