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Is this possible


can I use items for wizard or ranger to equip my warrior . i.e. Unholy Tome III can I buy it for Tharin


Otherwise, more people would be using them.


wish this will be allowed . it will make some things easier and more variation for the code for every level


If you could then they wouldn’t be: Warrior/Ranger/Wizard items…

Now having said that it might be interesting if they made a Multi-class hero someday…

For example, maybe:

  • Fighter/Mage
  • ranger armor (Can’t cast spells in restrictive heavy armor)
  • left and right hand can’t contain items from the same class (one hand warrior, the other wizard)
    (wand & shield -or- sword & spellBook or hammer & shield/spellBook)

(Currently the Items are divided primary and secondary, so to have sword & wand or book & shield that would have to change or have a special mechanism for the hybrid/dual class hero.)


I think if this happens the Multi class hero’s modifiers would have to be severely nerfed like if I had a elemental V book and a master sword(on Tharin’s mods) I could easily kill everything

Maybe a cool ranger/mage


Ranger? “The Gift of Trees” makes the Master sword look like a toothpick


But, it already looks like a toothpick

I agree the warriors need a buff

Any thoughts @nick


Just wait until the high level warriors are available and I actually activate the skills on the higher level weapons.