[Idea] Okars Biography

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay of this biography, but its here now! I hope you enjoy it!

Okar was a great warrior. He was a huge Goliath that was and grew up in a cave in Sarven Desert. Okar had a bunch of friends. He was very wise and knowledgeable and he helped out so much. Unfortunately when he grew up that all changed. He became more and more alone and eventually he left the desert and walked up the scary pathways of Cloudrip Mountain. He set up base camp, fighting many ogres and eventually made it to a cave in Kelvintaph Glacier. He was able to get into an arena called Ace of coders and managed to get some gems. He bought himself some gear and then fought off almost all of the ogres in Kelvintaph glacier and managed to get the best gear possible. Okar was very strong and slow, but that did not matter. After almost 25 years of being alone in the cold, he thought it might be good to visit his old friends. But even after fighting his way through all the remaining ogres on the way down the mountain, they were still not interested in him. He was full of rage and sadness and he decided to destroy most of the village, except for some of the villagers. He wondered what would happen if he went the other way of the desert. He fought through all of the giant ogres in the arenas and blocking the path. Okar eventually reached the forest. He met the leader of the ogres, Thoktar. Although it was very difficult, Okar managed to defeat him and shortly after that, he stumbled on Gordon another great warrior in the world of CodeCombat. They decided to ally up and make their way through the forest, meeting another hero, this time a Ranger. Gordon said: „What is your name?“ The Ranger replied: „I am Naria. My full name is Naria Of The Leaf. I am the guardian of this Forest.“ Okar was really friendly and replied: “I’m Okar and this is Gordon“ Okar was so relieved that he finally had some friends. He was so happy. Unfortunately they had to leave Naria behind, but that was okay. The two strong warriors called themselves the „Unbeatable Duo“. They fought through the dungeon and found themselves outside of a village. They were welcomed really friendly and they decided to put up a training school where they would teach others the skills of a great warrior. They put all of the swords they crafted and found in the treasure room and then they met the „Fabulous four“…

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U used the same thing twice

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Yeah, I like it, but you were a little bit reparative.


Thanks for the feedback guys! I changed it and I will try not to be so repetitive next time. I was just plain almost out of ideas for this one :smile:


Do omar brewstone, i already have a good idea on it… also nice profile pic!!


I really like the part about “Ace of Coders” XD


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