Ritic's Biography

                       Part 1 Confront

As a child ritics family was attacked by endless waves of ogres they used their magic to keep them out. It worked for a while until the ogres snuck into the village and took them out. His parents hid him in the Kelavinthaph Glacier. He was rescued by a legendary blade called the Sword of the Forgotten. He was only 10 when this happened. The man who saved him was a man known for creating great shields. He thanked him and moved on.

He went into the Backwoods Forest were he saw Naria the master ranger. She thought he was a scout and shot him in the right eye. He ran away. Since then he found that the same man that rescued him from Kelavinthaph Glacier was kidnaped by the ogres. He was furious, he teamed up with, Illia and Ursara. All of them new how horrible the ogres were.

They fought them with there abilities until the ogres were pushed back into the Kingthard Dungeon. They teamed up with other heroes and fought the ogres. They had only one problem. Thoktar still was alive and nobody, not even the ogres knew were he was…

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So I took a lot of ideas from other biographies so many I couldn’t list them all so I just did that

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look here for another AMAZING ritic biography

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That is more of a Theory

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the first post is pretty much a biography.

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I am still working on it. I will come out with part 2

              Part 2 The Secret

Ritic went to the market were he saw a pack of ogres stealing things from the market. While he was thinking of a plan he saw a scout running. He fallowed the scout, until he ran into a secret passage way into a lair that held tons of ogres.

He sensed something that he had not felt since he was a child. Thocktar. He blinked into a safe location where the ogres will not see him. He made a shadow-vortex to distract the warlocks so he could get a close up on Thocktar. Thoktar was getting ready for battle and was ready to unleash a furry of chaos.

Ritic fought thocktar. he phase-shifted and unleashed the might of the deadly shiver. Thoktar died but the invasion had already begun and it was going to devastate the humans…


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Good biography. Had fun reading it :slight_smile:


Dont get me wrong, I really liked your biography, but I’m just curious, aren’t there only two other biographies? The one for Illia and the other for Ursara?

Maybe he means he saw some things about Ritic in other topics. Writing theories and biographies is becoming popular. :joy:
Great biography. :+1:


wow noice biography i could read it over and over again