[Idea] Should Not Ask Player to Subscribe If They Already Are

CodeCombat has this gold box and the bottom of the screen that persuades you to subscribe for more content, better items, more heroes, and monthly gems. However, I’ve been subscribed for around 2 months now and I still have it in the bottom of my screen. I think it should not pop up if you are already a subscriber, as the button just takes up extra space and doesn’t do anything other than sit there. Make the button only viewable to non subscribed players.

The button in case you don’t know what I’m talking about:


Bro, I subscribed for 2 months and I face the same problem.


I agree, but probably someone who is subscribed needs to buy more gems, so that’s why so many buttons.

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That button is just for subscribe, not for buying extra gems.

Also, that issue is solved now (or just for me) so this isn’t a problem anymore.