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Idea Suggestions Thread

Originally there was a bug that allowed players to fork thangs, but that has been patched long ago. We don’t want players making thousands of random thangs. Too many thangs is already an issue right now, too.

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Simple solution @Chaboi_3000.
Dont make the forked thangs public
They are only visibile to the player who makes it.
They then can be imported into the lev editor.
Also, isnt it like night time for you?
Get some sleep.
:sleeping: :sleeping:

bugs resentlly found:

when enemy decoys die, they change to dead friendly decoys.

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It’s still abusable in a sense that players can spam our database.

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Who would be cruel enough to do that?
I mean, they probably learned some coding from CoCo!
And thats how they repay you guys?

Unfortunately, society isn’t perfect :pensive: There may be people who use the tools for malicious purposes.


who is CoCo?(20 cha)

Abbreviations for CodeCombat

I have an Idea

sacrifical ring

gem cost=9650

what it does :

basicly alows the hero who is wearing it to cast sacrifice like nalfar cryptor

disc: idk

Poison Ogre:

Abilities: Throws poison at your hero and does 10 dmg every 2 secs even after the poison thrower dies.

Desc: Throws high concentration Ogre poison at you hero. Be wary of these small but agile, their poison may be the end of you!

Health: 100

Speed: 2.5 m/s

that basicly the witch but nerfed(you dont meet her until mountain she shoots poison too)

oh i just started the mountain so i didn’t know

CoCo is a movie, if you know that wink

coco is an abbreviation of codecombat