New Heroes Ideas?

Before you read this, I know it’s like theEpicSoldier’s post about new rifles, this is his new account.

So far we have 3 Types of heroes, Warrior, Ranger and Wizard. There are some ideas for when the lava lvl is getting released. (I go into more depth of those later)

New Types:
Explosion Master (A more chaotic version of the Ranger)
Spy(For Levels that have way to powerful enemies that even enameled dragonplate can’t make u survive)
Supplier(A Hero that can drop potions, etc)

The Explosion Master type can make more types of firetraps, a incendiary mine that sets fire to anyone touching it, he can also have a ranged weapon, or maybe a slow heavy weapon.
Do you remember that lvl called unfair support? The Spy type can make a whistling sound that makes some ogres alert, go and put a bush over himself, that makes any other hero using code like this:

while(true) {
    var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
    if (enemy) {

say "I can’t see anyone"
Lastly, the supplier, there is a lot of levels that include surviving against ogre hordes, the supplier type can drop potions and coins.


New Ogre Ideas:
Lava Ogre, he throws fireballs at you


Well, the lava ogre you can make by just modifying what an ogre throws… not rly new.
What explosion master can do, the fire trap making thing, would be more appropriate for a hammer than a hero.
Spy would be just a person with invisibility ability, which is already granted by the invisibility ring.
Supplier, well, will be a little useless. I mean, CodeCombat isn’t a team game, so a supplier won’t have anyone to supply supplies to. It’s kinda useless, since all of the supplier’s stats will be lower than most of the heroes, the supplier will eventually just turn useless.