[Ideas] Stuff in codecombat shop


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I wasn’t able to get subscription until I convinced my dad about it to make myself buy the subscription.


The trio pack
Quick description: A trio of heroes plus a trio of weapons!
What’s inside: The ice mage, The viking, The rifleman, The glacial staff, The sword of the seas, and The bolt action sniper rifle.
Price: $15.99
Exclusive item description:

The ice mage

Health: 120%
Damage: 200%
Speed: 7
Abilities: Freeze, Ice blast, Glacial curse

The viking

Health: 170%
Damage: 150%
Speed: 6
Abilities: Ancient hammer, Bloodlust, Infernal rage

The rifleman

Health: 70%
Damage: 200%
Speed: 8
Abilities: Bullet lock, Thermal vision, Arrow storm

The glacial staff

Damage: 120/ DPS: 210
Ability: Ice wall

The sword of the seas

Damage: 300/DPS: 200
Ability: Thunderous wave

The bolt action sniper rifle

Damage: 210/DPS: 390
Ability: Exploding bullet


I have an idea.
Name = Raven
Class = Warrior/Wizard
Health = 200%
Damage = 180%
Speed = 15 mps (meters per second)
His abilities are:
Fly: increases his speed to 25mps for 20 seconds
Passive ability dodge: once in a while he will doge attacks
Trick: Will make an enemy fight for you for 40 seconds. Can only trick one enemy at a time
Cool down for all of these are 10 seconds
Price: 7.99


good point. just it feels like that when I keep playing multiplayer.


@Enderlord832 if the cooldown for Trick is 10 seconds, then it would be too op. you can convert up to 4 enemies to fight for you at a time.


changed it so it is less op and more reasonable


Please forgive my ignorance in this matter, but what does “op” mean? I always thought that on a message board op meant, original poster, but obviously not in this context.


No problem. Some people talk about game stuff and i am as ignorant as you in that matter @MunkeyShynes . OP means overpowered