If I reset my account do I lose my characters and gear? SOLVED

“This will completely erase your progress: code, levels, achievements, earned gems, and course work.”

I don’t really care about my code or levels or achievements or EARNED gems or course work. It’s hard to stay on track with what I still need to do when I’m staring at 40 completed flags on a level.

But will I lose the characters and gear that I’ve acquired with earned and purchased gems?

I don’t want to start a new account because I wouldn’t want to not have all of those things.

do you mean “reset all progress” option?
I recently did it after few months break in playing- wanted to remind all of the stuff.
The result was:

  • lvl was reset
  • bought before reset equipment which hero didn’t wear was cancelled immediately
  • my hero (basic Anya) retain all of the equipment she was dressed. But if I changed anything, e.g. bought before reset shoes for basic, these ‘extra’ shoes didn’t return to my equipment. I had to buy them again.
  • I didn’t have any extra unlock Hero, so in this point I won’t help
  • I still had about 15k gems after reset, but not sure how much I had before it. I didn’t notice. My subscription was active on the time I wasn’t playing (maybe I held these added monthly from subscription?)

I hope I answered a little bit for your question.

Thanks @Alathiel that answers my question.