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Infinite Inferno Cup Strategy Chat

Nope, didn’t work. I tried capitalizing the h too.

I’m trying the strategy of making all my champions go to one row, and sending most of the army to the other rows.

I like this arena, because there is more code strategy. There’s also Vectors, which I know absolutely nothing about because I’m not in glacier. lol

Nope. You can only access their colour, not type, unfortunately

I’m not sure about that. you can do a lot of things that aren’t on the list.

Like what? (bad character limit)

a few are boolean, if, for, while, def, and probably a bunch of others.

Yes, I know, like min and max, but CoCo made the game and made the unit’s properties, and they only made the property for color.

ok, I’ve got a question, how to spawn certain types of structures?
Because my enemy always has strong mage towers and I have weak archer towers(

It’s pre-set. You can’t change it.

@Chaboi_3000 do you know if you can find the enemy.type? It’s not that it wasn’t responding, it just couldn’t get headhunter type.

Didn’t it say that they where working on it?

I’m pretty sure that I have a solid strategy but there’s this glitch if I win sometimes it shows as a loss so that’s why I’m like 30th place. Username is wishtalon. Oh wait… that’s obvious

Did you try somethin like:

if enemy and enemy.type=="headhunter":

i think that’ll do the job

Thanks @thebagel . I have it in a for loop, so it is fine that way. But It says that “headhunter” is not a correct type.

My strategy is to use raiders only and ogres+throwers.
It works nearly 90 % of the time.

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Hmm. then idk the prob

Also it depends on the enemy.If he uses ogres, then your throwers won’t withstand his attack, but if he uses throwers or throwers, combined with ogres, you can use your throwers.

I used and it still said it couldn’t find type. so idk the prob.