Inventory blank

I seem to be having an issue with the inventory, at present no items appear on the inventory. As a result i cannot then select to play any of the levels. This is the same on internet explorer and chrome, and also on a number of machines. It worked fine in school yesterday morning but then come the afternoon stopped working and remains the same this morning. It does however work fine at home. Is this likely to be a proxy issue? and possibly related to flash in some way?

@Nick I think can fix this does it happen to the other levels?

It’s the same on every level when in school

So this bug only happens when you use computers at your school?

Yes, that’s why was wondering if it’s related to the proxy and something to do with flash being stopped by this if this is flash based?

No flash.

Proxy? maybe?

I have to take my time, If I click too quickly things don’t load. If click fast and take a screenshot quick enough I could get it to look like yours (no proxy here).

Check the javascript console for errors, and let us know what they are (if any)

Okay now I am also experiencing this issue on all of the browsers on my laptop but it only seems to be happening on the levels I have already completed

Edit: handful of minutes later

Hey its working again


I blame turbulence

It could very well by a proxy issue with your school’s network. Try opening the JS console to see if there are any errors related to network loads being blocked.