Is gift of the trees worth it

i am considering buying gift of the trees but i want to know if it’s any good because of its high price

Yes of course!!!
It had a nice speed and good damage
Can you show your gear for ranger pls?

well i don’t have much gear i more thinking long term because it costs as much as usara

Yeah, maybe but can you show your gear so that i can tell you what to do?

Do you know how to get items for free?

No (20 chars is burnt )

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Well great ,if you don’t know that stuff

How much gems do you have now

4793 (2o chars is evil)

Then you have a long way to go.

i know (20 chars is bad)

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You mean obtaining them by completing the levels?


I see where this is going…

where what is going (20 chars)

This conversation. I mean if Anonym guessed incorrectly.

i have no clue what you are talking about

Good. So, let’s get back to the topic.
I would not recommend you buying gift of the trees with such armour. First, get better armour, then, buy a good weapon.

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yay right now i am saving up for ritic and i was wondering if the gift of the trees would be worth saving up for after ritic

Let’s make it clear. Ritic is awful without gift of the trees and without best armour. So, for ritic, you need around 50k gems. Else, it is a waste.