Is holy sword useful?

do you think holy sword is useful?

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There are so many swords. Let’s see, is the holy sword the limited time sword that you get from a level in kithgard dungeon?

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yes unlock it from dungeon raider

Ah, then I don’t know. I’m not a sub so I couldn’t get it. Sorry for not giving an answer, you’ll probably have to wait awhile to get an actual answer. Most people are sleeping.

it not to good i think bc like just think like does free item that u get from compliting level is good? sometimes hard level gift you good item such as the viking school level i forgot the name. but i think this sword is not good bc the level is to easy

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Thank you for your reply

Well its decent imo. If you’re fighting skeletons you should probably use it.

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I prefer runesword. Holy sword is trash though I never used it b4.

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Runesword ain’t that good imo.

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It’s slow but high DPS. At least better than Holy Sword.

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Runesword is better for PvP matches where there is only one target.

I completed the level 1 day too late and didn’t get the holy sword so i’m annoyed

No its slow. Dps is speed. I think faster weapons are better.

i like forgotten sword because it has the most dps and good knockback

I like temple guard sword because of speed and DPS.

I think it is useful, if you want to attack something with a sword.

At least better than simple sword.

Very true, there are few things worse than a simple sword (apart from healing your enemies which is generally a terrible tactic)

Yeah, that would be an error in your code.

So holy sword is useless but good for skeletons