Is my armor good?

oh i need the glove that does spells

it costs 3300…

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i nevermind i dont need it anymore

ok nice(20 characters)

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I know how to hack item First you go to the wait places to join a game then click the left click and click the word inspect then you find the word same like
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Yes u said a bunch of times

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Ok so?(20 characters)

I have hacked the armor

Stop that is inappropriate for the game stop hacking

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no it just a bug (20 chars)

If it’s a big then why are you taking advantage of it

because I do not have more gem to buy it I won all of the level

Then play the replay able ones

level 9 I can’t win it

Then ask for help(20 chars)

I am waiting for the new Island

Ok then stop hacking

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ok(20 characters)


how to talk with a staff