Is my armor good?

dude i haven’t bought gem and look at y gear

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why are u guys all using rune sword? its super slow and sword of the temple guard is 4 times faster

SOTTG can kill 4-5 munchkins in one sec
SOTF can kill 2 munchkin per sec and has highest dps among all swords
RS can only kill 1 munchkin less than 1 sec and is not useful in brawls

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Could you stop? or i can ban u! i’m a admin cuz i found a bigger hack. click on my profile to see!

could we stop doing what? and why are you hacking or finding hacks

no, a kid is hacking and im tellin him to sdop and i didn’t so i had to ban him

No, you can’t. You’ve used admin as your name. It’s not a title.
You need to stop threatening people, or someone who can ban you, may be forced to. Or more likely mute you.


Please don’t impersonate admins @EpicCoder999. Also this issue is already noted, and it will take some time until we find an appropriate solution.

ok, and wut does the yellow message do? can i use yellow message? its kinda cool!

hey @EpicCoder999 the reason we use runesword is because it is good to kill brawlers

i cannot do that sorry


its not good at killing swarms of munchkins, and sword of the forgotten has the highest dps(30 more than runesword) so its the best at killing brawlers

yes but i meant damage wise

i still need an answer from someone

my gear!!!

i have the best stuff!!!

but the rune sword gos fast

rune sword is the slowest sword in game.

my bad i mean sword of the temple guard

ya templeguard is super fast

dashing with fine boots is faster than leather boots. It might be faster than speed ring in certain lvls

Oh Cool(i didn’t know that)