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Is my armor good?

dude i haven’t bought gem and look at y gear

why are u guys all using rune sword? its super slow and sword of the temple guard is 4 times faster

SOTTG can kill 4-5 munchkins in one sec
SOTF can kill 2 munchkin per sec and has highest dps among all swords
RS can only kill 1 munchkin less than 1 sec and is not useful in brawls

Could you stop? or i can ban u! i’m a admin cuz i found a bigger hack. click on my profile to see!

could we stop doing what? and why are you hacking or finding hacks

no, a kid is hacking and im tellin him to sdop and i didn’t so i had to ban him

No, you can’t. You’ve used admin as your name. It’s not a title.
You need to stop threatening people, or someone who can ban you, may be forced to. Or more likely mute you.

Please don’t impersonate admins @EpicCoder999. Also this issue is already noted, and it will take some time until we find an appropriate solution.

ok, and wut does the yellow message do? can i use yellow message? its kinda cool!