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Is Nalfar a Dark Elf from Thor Dark World




Both have pointy, ears both sacrifice allies, both dark elves, creepy, and theyboth use the Dark arts.
You can’t tell them apart, except for the fact that Alacathe is pale white and Nalfar is blue(my favorite color).


Wait I almost forgot they have white hair :upside_down_face:!


They look like they could be similar I’m not sure though I would assume not because of the copyrights involved. They probably just happened to look similar

I am saying is Nalfar based on Thor Dark World. They have a ton in common


You are saying it is or you think it is. Its probably unlikely unless you have gotten that from someone who would know

there is always a chance :wink:


or maybe the devs were just trying to make him look like a dark elf


Maybe they just happened to look like each other. But secretly the Devs wanted it to look like Alecath.


I think more than likely they just happened to be similar

It was a joke :frowning_face:

I forgot to say they have pointy ears :upside_down_face:

No you did not :wink:

Weird I thought I missed

Yea, was this a continue of the other topic ‚Is Omarn Brewstone based off of Severus Snape?‘

Also they both. use knifes. Nalfar uses one to sacrifice his friends to himself and alecathe does it just to kill

how do YOU know that they both use knifes? if he did then I wont be able to sacrifice from 10 metres away

But whenever he does a sacrifice a knife hovers over his head.

bruh thats just the symbol for sacrifice

its also the symbol for gaining damage like omarns damage potion

What if he throws a knife. How do you think he sacrificed allies then cheddarcheese?