Nalfar theory- The Dark Imperium

The topic is inspirated by “Ritic=Death” theory and by The World of Disc series by Terry Pratchet

Once in the time there was a large Elf Imperium. They were all living happily till once humans entered their dimension. Elves and humans made a pact to rule together, but humans betrayed them and their large army, weaponed with iron swords, tools and other iron & steel things (As you know or not, iron really hurts elves’ souls, this is why they use mithril), came to the capital of the Elf Imperium. The beautiful buildings and the Elf Queen palace had been ruined. Not many elves survived, but they all were corrupted by they desire to revenge on humans. The dark spirits had possesed them. They rised their power to defeat the humans. They started to experiment with dark magic reviving dead elves as skeletons or just elves. The ones that didn’t want to revenge, they sacrificed to the dark gods or devoured their blood. Only some escaped, and in mystery they were living and trying to rebuild the old Imperium. And that is how the Necropolis raised. But the humans, that didn’t know about the dark elves, decided to return to they world as they plundered everything. But then dark elves wanted to chase the humans as long as they find them. When they opened a portal to the human world, they discovered that humans are actually different empires. This really shocked them because the elves were always one big kingdom (they didn’t know about the escapists). They found out that the Blacklands Kingdom were the ones that they wanted to revenge on, but they discovered they were to powerful. So they asked the Kelvintaph Kingdom to help them. They agreed but only if the dark elves helped them with the orcs. So here is where Nalfar story starts…

Tell me in comments if you want the Nalfar story fightning the orcs!


Good theory, but next time, find a topic that is related and post there. You can necropost if it is related to that topic and it ins’t a solved topic.
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