[THEORY] Tharin is a dwarf from the LOTR/Hobbit Universe (SPOILERS AHEAD)

So, to explain to people who don’t know what I’m talking about, LOTR means Lord of the Rings. In the book there is an important dwarf called Thorin son of Thrain son of Thror.

Now, back to the theory. My first piece of evidence are the names. Notice how all the names start with “TH”. Thror was a descendant of A dwarf called Durin. So, I think that along the way, the “RIN” came back and The “TH” stuck. “Thorin”, for example. Remember what the name of Thorin’s father is? Thrain. I think the “A” came from there because one of Thorin’s, or any of his relatives’ descendants wanted to name their son after Thorin, and his father. Probably he couldn’t decide who to name his/her son after :rofl:

Proof number 2 is that the Precious is in the game.


I mean, look at the text! It even speaks like Gollum! (Spoiler alert(a small one)):
This rune-engraved golden ring whispers maddening secrets into the darkest corners of your mind, oh yes.

Doesn’t the little dude add a “oh, yes” to his sentences most of the time?

Drop a :heart: if you agree(with my theory)!

P.S. I can’t help it with the brackets, I like them a lot(times billion. They’re useful for something off script or as an extra addition to your sentences without making them extremely long, or to explain things someone does not know. It basically tells readers “YOU DON’T NEED TO READ THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO”, but I think everyone reads them anyway, so yay! Extra work not wasted!)

EDITED: Lol I just finished the Hobbit and (MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD) figured out that Thorin died. I’l add a bit more to the theory but still keep the Thorin part so I don’t spoil the book for others


Cool theory! I’ll add it to the list now. :+1:




You thought this out well @Monsty!


It’s not just a theory, it’s a proven theory. Nice job catching that one. :slight_smile: That item is definitely LOTR inspired.


Is it true that Nalfar Cryptor is the Necromancer in LOTR? I’ve heard a few rumors about it.

Probably inspired for sure. Some of CodeCombat’s items/aspects were inspired by LOTR 100%.

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