Nalfar - Is he worth it?


Hello all,

I am currently stuck on 2 levels in Codecombat - Precision Kicking (Nalfar’s Unlock), and Kelvintaph Defiler (Boss Star 4 Unlock).

My question is: Is Nalfar good? If so, could you please post some screenshots of his abilities just so that I can see if he really is worth the trouble to unlock?

If not, I will just spend all my time trying (and failing) to unlock the Boss Star IV.



Why don’t you use your old account?

You don’t need to unlock anything, just buy it.


I don’t have a membership anymore…


What about this account ???


I have 2 forum accounts, but only 1 game account. My membership expired on my game account.


How is it connected to the forum account? If your membership ends you can use free version or resubscribe, why the new account? Do you the real Endercore or his clone?


Like I said before, I have 2 accounts on the FORUM. My old account had problems signing in. My membership ended a few months ago, and I am using free edition. I had Nalfar’s Unlock Level Back when I still had the membership. I’m trying to solve it now, so I can unlock the purchase ability. I am not the fake Endercore, nor is my other account @Endercore79 fake as well. My 2 accounts are both the same person.

Hope this clears up any confusion,


Nah. Nalfar is too expensive for such a weak wizard.
If you do want to get him,remember he does not have that much of wizard damage.
The only thing he is good for is his health and abilities.
But it is up to you


Ok, thanks :slight_smile: (20characters)


@Endercore79_is_back yep me too. This is my other account. My other one is DeathWarlock999


Nalfar is definitely worth it.

Nalfar can summon troops then sacrifice them then revive them from the dead (so basically he can use his troops twice)

Sacrifice increases his health and damage, and if you sacrifice lots of burls, Nalfar will get really OP.

Also, did you see someone’s solution to Sarven Siege? They just summoned a few archers then sacrificed burls to increase the archers’ attack damage and HP. (Solution by ryu.dy) Success at Difficulty 6


Also, precision kicking is pretty easy. Just knock down skeletons. Shouldn’t take a lot of work (unlike Kelvintaph Defiler, which involves code out of while loops and exploiting stuff)


well, you also need unholy tomb V


I have never used any hero exept capt. Anya Weston or sir Tharin Thunderfist, thus I can’t deffinitely say, is Nalfar Cryptor worth his price. But… But I can say, that necromancers are the toughest guys on Cavern Survival, they are real headache and pain and nightmare) 20 of leaders from both teams on the leaderboard consist of quite much quantity of necromansers. Six of 10 blue team leaders are Nalfars now, and three of 10 - in the red team. Maybe only Ritic the Cold is as much powerful as Nalfar, I think it’s not seen by leaderboards because there is not so much Ritics in the game.


Ritic can single handedly beat kelvintaph defiler. (Shadow Vortex then scatter shot the warlocks to death, then phase shift and run to save the paladin from Nalfar)


Amazing. Sounds epic)


Ritic the cold could beat nalfar in cavern survival if you could think very thoroughly and use all of its skills. And you need the dragon tooth. And gift of the trees.


Depends on the strategy the opponent is using.

If the opponent sacrifices and devours, then the health lost from Ritic’s attacks could be recovered. But Ritic can’t heal, so if Nalfar uses the stalling strategy, Nalfar would win. (Also Nalfar could dodge Ritic’s shadow vortex if he wanted to)