[THEORY] Ritic, isnt death. (Harry potter spoilers) (and puss in boots spoilers)

Lots of people have theorized that ritic is “Death”, pretty accurate considering he has “death-like” abbilities like shifing into another phase or blinking to other places and walls of pure darkness. But, I belive that while the item descriptions are leading to ritic being death, as the description of the presicion rifle says this: Legend tells of a master ranger who used this rifle to shoot out the left eye of Death itself.
and that ritic is missing his left eye. But, we only have that to go off of.
In harry potter, which teacher is known for wanting to teach how to “defend against the dark arts”? Its snape. Furthermore, Snape uses potions (as he is the person teaching it) just like the hero I am going to talk about. Snape, joined the DEATH eaters. You may know which hero I am talking about. I’m saying that Omarn is Death. “But Omarn visibly has his left eye!” Thats where harry potter comes in. My theory is that Death, (Omarn) traveled through a dimensional portal (or something like that) and came into the codecombat world. If Omarn were death, there is a reason he still has both eyes. In the movies, Hermione uses “Oculus Reparo” a spell that (un-canonically) heales harry potter’s broken glasses. The spell can be translated to english.

Translation here

The word reparo is the first person singular form of the first conjugation verb (-are ) reparare , meaning “to renew” or “to revive” in Latin. The word oculus is the nominative singular form of the word meaning “eye”. Thus, the spell Oculus Reparo roughly means “I renew the eye”.

It means “I renew the eye” (a bit gramatically incorrect as it is in latin) This spell, while in the movies is only shown to repair glasses, based off of the spell’s translation, it could possibly heal one’s eye. Considering that Omarn looks alot like snape, he could be another wizard, somehow related to snape. He could of casted Oculus Reparo on himself to heal his eye.

But, thats all a theory. My main reason for thinking omarn is death is that in Hindi, the word आमरण (pronounced like Omarn) means death. If you put Omarn in the translator, it shows this:

This is my main claim to why Omarn is Death.
Another reason is that the character death from puss in boots, wears similear clothing to omarn.
Another reason is more connected to snape but snape says “I can teach you to bewitch the mind, to bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in death”. Omarn says bottle fame, brew glory as well. “Put a stopper in death” may imply to become friends with Omarn to make it so that he will want to make you live longer.



Yo admins is this accurate? If so nice attention to detail with the referances :+1:

Nice theory, however I dont believe in it. Omarn does not have the skills of death, and Ritic fits the schematics more. Also, I think that Senick Steelclaw (the goat :goat::goat:) is the guy with the precision rifle that shot Ritic.

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Omarn legit has damage potions and looks like death (wearing all black) from the Puss and boots wishing star movie while ritic’s just a ordinary assassin with his left eye removed. Who knows?