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Is there a way to check which levels are incomplete?


I would love to be able to see which levels I haven’t completed the bonus objectives for, so that I can see which ones I need to go back to and improve my code. As well as seeing which levels can be re-beaten for a greater reward. I have to click on every flag and read them all to find out. Is there a way to check?


Totally agree, this could be a really interesting feature.


Agreed this hope this goes into the todo list

ON second thought this might actually take quite a bit of work


The second part just sounds like a list of “repeatable levels” which isn’t hard. Currently, I have had to create a bunch of “bookmarks” to keep track of these.

On your profile is a list of the Multiplayer levels (with links). There is a section for Singleplayer levels, instead of just saying “completed” for passed levels it could list “gems earned vs gems possible” (# of #) for those that you passed but didn’t get full bonus for. The repeatables could either get their own section or get a “completed #” instead of simply “completed”.


Really cool! I have some coding problems so it would be easier on me, but not necessarily at the start, perhaps.


Tracking this feature request here:


Until then, can we just post which levels are repeatable, multiplayer, and which levels have a bonus requirement. That way if you improve your gear or learn more and want to go back and beat things you couldn’t beat before, you can just check these levels. I checked for everything ecept which levels have an optional" bonus

Multiplayer:					Replayable:

Kingdom 1:
Cavern Survival					Kithgard Brawl

Kingdom 2:
Dueling Grounds 	    			Backwoods Brawl
Multiplayer Treasure Grove			Backwoods Treasure

Kingdom 3:
Harrowland					Sarven Brawl
						Sacred Statue
						Sarven Treasure


Until, the on map visual is created, one can also look at one’s profile list of achievements, it tells how many levels you have completed. For example:

Sarven Brawl Complete             March 14 2015*      3

Although it seems to cut the list short. I have a “Dungeons of Kithgard Clean Code” but not a “Dungeons of Kithgard Complete” on the list. So I’m not guaranteeing they all will be listed every time…

*= I created a bug report about the dates all being today