Is there any way to play the CodeCombat Alpha levels again?

I’m enjoying the game so far as it’s helped me a lot. Sorry if this topic is a bit off topic of most other topics I’ve seen on the forum (i.e. this does not discuss code problems, bugs, updates etc.) but I just wanted to ask one tiny, perhaps even trivial question.

The other day I saw a YouTube walkthrough of what appears to be the earlier version of CodeCombat - the Alpha version, if you will. I am mildly interested in the Alpha levels and I sort of want to play them, just for leisure.

Is there any way to play the CodeCombat Alpha levels again? Just out of curiosity. :grin:


I am honestly not sure. Codecombat has been updated and I have been around before they updated it to what you see now but as far as I know the levels haven’t been changed or removed from the game.


Not too easily. It’s a bit tricky to get the version of the game that’s that old running these days because of changes to some of our dependencies, but I did do it a few months back just for kicks. That was when we didn’t have a database, though. I’d have to go and see if there’s some old database dump from those days sitting around to get the right version of the levels to go with the old version of the code.