Is there some way of donating?[solved]

like a link or something to give money to CC?

Not sure, i think the only way to “give money” to Coco is i think subscription :thinking: . Does anyone know anything about it?

You can not. I would prob use this feature if It had it, maybe they should add

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you can also buy gem chests

they removed that feature some time ago so i dont think its coming back


oh, well thanks for replying everyone!

just a suggestion, there was that russian speaker who wanted a premium account, so donation can work for that too, helping CoCo and that user at once

Do you know how to do that? Since you posted that reply, I could not find any way to do that since.

Hmm, I just looked it up and currently it doesn’t seem to work.
Probably it got removed or it’s unavailable for subscrihers

@Anonym they’ve asked in like 3 topics…

What’s the problem with that if they wanna find out?

They’ve already made their own topic about it and got an answer, that’s the problem :/

@Sonson83 you can try emailing and ask if you can buy gems through an invoice.


Oh no i’m sorry, I don’t know how to use fourms and I thought asking others would help.

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