Is vine staff worth it?

i am thinking to buy vine staff but is it worth it @Chaboi_3000 , @dedreous , @Deadpool198 , @nick ?

Please do not @ people, since it sends a notification through their device, and they may be trying to sleep.
To answer your question, yes, I think it is worth its price of 6500 gems, since it summons burls, which is not given to any other item besides the vine staff.

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thanks for the info sorry if it bothered you Lydia!

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No problem!
Change that to

def doNotPostUsing@IfNotImportant:
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thanks!!!:joy::joy::joy:(20 chars)

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I just exactly bought vine staff so how should I use it and is there a way to make the burls defend u

And can nalfar crypt or spawn skeletons with tomb ring

No and No. Burls you can’t control and tomb ring commands allied skeletons you can summon them with Summon Undead(Grated by Unholy Tomb V)

I mean, yeah. The vine staff is definitely worth it.

The burl is super strong and knocks down big ogres and headhunters in 1 or 2 hits.

They also have 500 hp and can be summoned once every 12 secs.

They’ve already decided if it’s worth it. You posted 6 months after their last reply. Unless you need help on this, please don’t revive again. Thanks so much!

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