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Its weird but true

inn some levels you can complete the level in an other way but is that a good way?

In my personal opinion, it is great to find new ways to solve a level.
However, as it’s usually gradually getting harder, it’s a good thing to finish the levels the way it’s intended to, atleast once.
If you were, for example, forcing(for example, if you’re supposed to say something specific after correct calculations and all and you’d just be saying things at random, with the possibility of it being correct) your way through a level where you’re supposed to check and calculate several things, it wouldn’t be much of a help for you, personally in terms of learning something new.

Finishing a level the way it’s intended is a good way to learn something new and to be introduced to new possibilities.
Finishing a level afterwards in a different fashion is, however, often a great way to test your knowledge and also imagination. If you can think of ways to solve a level differently, maybe even faster and it works, is also a way to learn!
But, it’s always recommended to atleast finish the level once the way it’s set up, in order to learn new things that they’re introducing, or to test if you actually did understand what you learned in previous levels.

you are right :grin: @Shurutsue