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Sand Snakes CHEAT


You can do the sand snakes level with Flags


If it works and you wrote the code, how is that a “cheat?” You just did the level a different way. If anyone got “cheated” it was you because you didn’t learn the lesson the level was supposed to be teaching.



And if @Sophie_Peng did beat the level the way it was intended to be? What if it was just something that she discovered after succeeding? I believe that she would have at least learned what Sand Snakes was trying to teach at first before finding a loophole.
However, you do have a point. At times there is more than one way to solve a level. This is just another way, and though CodeCombat is a website designated for learning, it does encourage people to think outside of the box.


There is no point of cheating just making your self not learn. :frowning:
So I guess this is not very helpful to codecombat.


:anguished: :crying_cat_face:


It’s mixed. There is something to be said about both thinking ‘outside the box’, and about learning the lesson being taught.

The ‘out of box’ thinking on this one is interesting, though it forces a person to be ‘manually’ in control of one’s character. The actual lesson is an automation / scaling lesson. Sure, you can manually move the character using flags, but what if the puzzle scaled to a million times this length? It would take weeks to flag through manually, but one can use the algorithm so you can walk away and do other stuff across that same time. :slight_smile: