Sand Snakes CHEAT


You can do the sand snakes level with Flags


If it works and you wrote the code, how is that a “cheat?” You just did the level a different way. If anyone got “cheated” it was you because you didn’t learn the lesson the level was supposed to be teaching.



And if @Sophie_Peng did beat the level the way it was intended to be? What if it was just something that she discovered after succeeding? I believe that she would have at least learned what Sand Snakes was trying to teach at first before finding a loophole.
However, you do have a point. At times there is more than one way to solve a level. This is just another way, and though CodeCombat is a website designated for learning, it does encourage people to think outside of the box.


There is no point of cheating just making your self not learn. :frowning:
So I guess this is not very helpful to codecombat.


:anguished: :crying_cat_face: