Just Some Misc. Bugs

Just thought I’d mention that the desert level Kithgard Enchanter has Basic Flags and Advanced Flags disabled, but not Dynamic Flags. Not sure if this is intentional or not.

In all the maps where all ranged weapons are disabled (for example, Teleport Lasso in forest), the Precision Rifle is still enabled.

On the Cloudrip level Match Cord, there are three different spellings of Chieftain (Chieftain, Cheiftain, Cheftain).

The function isPathClear is not working properly on Fragile Maze, even without a speed ring equipped. You have to be within about 2 units from each door to detect that you can’t go through it. This makes it much more difficult to write an algorithm for checking each door, as you have to walk RIGHT up to it instead of checking it from the center of the mini-room.

Precision Kicking allows the use of swap, so all a wizard has to do is swap with their peasant and kill the enemy skeletons.

In Razorfray, if the player shoots the yak, the yak stuns the hero outside of the fire-trap zone, allowing the hero to move around freely. Seems to happen about every other time.


I think that for the first two they just don’t expect you to have that equipment in forest or kithgard

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I just noticed this same thing myself and came to see if it was already reported. It was, 6 months ago :slight_smile:

I know some folks hate “necro” posts, but I’m bumping this instead of making a brand new post with the exact same info and credit to @taylerzy who posted it first