I don't have enough gems

I don’t have enough gems, so that I can’t play “Hitman”, how can I earn more gems?

You can simulate games or try to get higher levels
in brawls

How to simulate games? I ever heard about it

And I have all the brawls with at least 5 level

I need about 29000 gems to buy Ritic (I need to buy Ritic becuase I need Ritic to finish Kelvintaph Glacier)

I only have 1517gems now :sob: :sob: :sob:

Welp, try to get more!
About simulating games: check this topic.
Most of the multiplayer arenas have these buttons:

Click on “simulate” and leave the tab (or many tabs) for some time, it will simulate games.
With that, if your code is good enough, you can also rise up in the ladders.

So I can earn more gems? :slightly_smiling_face:

(But my code is not very good) :sob:

Anyway, can I finish the level “Hitman” and “Darhopper” without Ritic?

And @PeterPalov , can you give me some strategies for “Harrowland”?

Yes, sure, but later. I’m helping other guy now :laughing:

thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, ran out of time

And how could you keep your paladin infront of your hero?

I think the problem is my hero can’t do “heal”

Wait…, I beat you!!!

Becuase of the sand yak…

I’m commanding the paladin to move to a vector between me and the enemy hero.

How to do this(I’ve learned before, but I forgot)