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Kithgard Apprentice


I can’t post my code here because it completes the level successfully, however I want to crack open the door and get the gems before I submit it. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to attack/open the door. I’ve tried various glasses and “door” as a string, but nothing recognizes the door for me to bust it open. I’m using Okar and occassionally he’ll use stomp when near the door and if he does it a few times it opens, but I want to code it - just can’t figure out what to call it or how to define it.

Anyone have some ideas? Hints? Anyone?


you can find it by its type “door” if your hero have good glasses or is near it
then it will give you an array of doors


Apparently, door is an enemy. When I removed all my functions and code that attempted to attack “door”, it then attacked the door as an enemy. :confounded: