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Kithgard Brawl Hammer Useable?


Hello everyone. I would like to ask about Stone Builder’s Hammer - it can be used, while the other, weaker versions are restricted. Is this intended or a small oversight? Would love to know the answer.


The other hammers allow the hero to build fences, which can be abused for building an impenetrable wall. The Stone Builder’s Hammer on the other hand cannot build fences, so its okay to use.


Thank you very much for explanation :slight_smile: Can I remove bugs tag or should I remove the topic entirely?


I tagged it as solved for you. :wink:


Wait. If you talk about the last hammer in the list, than it’s the real bug.
It’s impossible to build something with it, except unit troop, that i could just summon with the boss star.


I don’t think you are supposed to be able to have that hammer…it unlocks at level 66, which requires quite a bit of experience points (something like 44241240)…

There are no buildables configured for that hammer (or any higher level hammer), so you can’t build anything else. Not really related to the original bug.


As i remember, I was available to buy it on 37/38 level. But ok. I’ll wait :slight_smile:. I think it position was changed from 37 to 66.


Precisely. The hammer was sitting at level 38 for a long time, but it was not meant to be purchasable by players yet as that hammer is not fully implemented yet. With the release of new levels and achievements, some players were able to reach level 38 and buy this hammer. Once the CodeCombat developers became aware of this issue, they moved the hammer to lv66 like the other unfinished items.

Maybe @nick can give you a refund for the hammer.