Question about runesword?

why runesword is not expensive although it;s the highest damage

It has high damage (3rd strongest DPS, highest damage per hit), but a slow swing speed. Now lets consider a few situations. You have 4 munchkins trying to stab holes in your knees. The Runesword doesn’t even swing once every second and every hit overkills them by almost 200 damage! Now compare that to the Great Sword which is killing 4 munchkins every second and power up for a 200 dmg hit every once in a while. Where would the Runesword shine when you are fighting opponents with high health and you have small windows of opportunity to hit. Say your getting rooted or fear between every swing. It could also be nice against mid health healers.

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thanks for the info and if you can help me to choose a sword under 2100 gems what is the best one for warrior

If you have 2000ish for a weapon then you have the Runesword (2600), Edge of Darkness (2000), and Kithsteel Blade (1800) in your range. Runesword we talked about earlier, and Edge’s slightly higher damage doesn’t come close to Kithsteel’s range. The range stops being as significant in later levels where swarms of higher health enemies rush you.

Your other option is save for one of the high end blades and go with the Great sword.