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Lag is too heavy!

I’m trying to clear Sarven Centry, 8th of Sarven Desert stages, but lag is too heavy so I can’t clear the level.
As you know, this level requires human control to clear. And when the stage starts, there always is heavy lag so that I have no idea where to put the flag because there’s no sign of ogre or yak then suddenly my people died.

How can you guys solve this problem?

Welcome jiyu1226!
I, myself, don’t have any lag when doing the level, but something that might help:
Restarting the browser and then try again (Maybe other tabs are slowing it down all together, or similar)
Other than that, for the CodeCombat team, it would probably help if you let them know the Browser you’re using (possibly even the version)
For example, in my case: Firefox Version 68.0.1 (64-Bit)
Hope your problem will be adressed/fixed soon!

Codecombat isn’t a heavy memory consuming game. Like @Shurutsue said, you should check if there are other applications that might be taking up memory. Try checking activity monitor/task manager to see if there are big applications running(Eg. Ue4, Unity, Adobe apps, Fortnite, etc.).