level:Hold them off

I made a new level it is called hold them off. This is my very first level with a referee. In it thanks to @Chaboi_3000 for help with this level.

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I passed it! I think this level is really good! Kinda difficult, but not too difficult if you put some effort into it.

Was pretty easy. Beat it with Pender and 258 max health without taking any damage.


Try playing it again I “tweaked” the difficulty

were you using wvrynclaw @Chaboi_3000?

Seems like Pender couldn’t handle it. But Nalfar could

im sorry if im being mean or something but it was really easy

while(true) {
    hero.say("I am smart!");

i just built fences too block the ogres from getting me and my arrow tower.

If Illia comes out, it will be easy peasy because of the deflect ability.

nvm. Tharin is pretty easy too.

Yes, you just move near the tower and build fences around it. But great job @Speedypickle1! This leves is awesome.


@Speedypickle1 This level is awesome! The ogres looks soooo cool

Yes, great level. But try to forbid hammers or summon shamans who can attack over the walls.

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but it was so easy for me i used the fence trick

People could use peasants if I restrict hammers and @Chaboi_3000 is using the boss star V

Peasants can’t build fences.

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Peasants can not build fences, only palisades that can be defeated. And you can summon peasants with boss star 3 and up.