Level: Munchkin Masher


I have been all over the day spreading the word, and got some of my friends non-tech playing at this awsome games.

I know it might be strange, but they had several difficulties for understanding that the code on the right was the actions the soldier was going to do. Also, they weren’t capable of looking at the big red arrow till I pointed them.

Taking this into account, would it be possible to extend a little the first steps (I know they are quite verbose at programmer eyes) a little more explained? Also, correcting notifications, a little more visible.

The other thing, the red arrow thing, I thought about darkening the screen each time the arrow appeared.

Hope this helps in something,


Ah, good to know! We’re about to extend the first level to begin our campaign story; will see what we can do to include a few more steps to make things more clear while we’re at it.

So when they didn’t see the big red arrow pointing over to the code, what did they try to do?

Click elsewhere, hahahah that’s why I was speaking about darkening the screen.

I have repeated today the exercices with other friends, and but two, the rest did the same…

I also saw one that tried to moveDown(2) in order to do it two times… The semicolon use isn’t quite clear neither, when they go to the if else, etc, they don’t know where to use it.

Anyway I can repeat this experiments when the product is more mature, as they will be more valuable =)

I don’t see Munchkin Masher on the home page; can someone please tell me where it is?

Munchkin Masher is an old version of Rescue Mission. The gameplay is the same, but Rescue Mission is up-to-date and has some story and many bugfixes.