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Level: The Gauntlet

I completed “The Gauntlet” with five lines of code (this included a loop) conquering the “6 lines or less” bonus requirement. Although it was a mission success, the bonus was not rewarded.

I also noticed that the option to edit the level was offered at the top of the screen. Should these privileges be available for regular users like myself? I would be a little worried if some meddling kids got on and messed with the level arrangement :smile:. I almost thought about changing something to see if you could figure out what it was, but thought better of it.

This is, otherwise, an oddly confusing level, since the “moveRight” command is not available to loop. I set my self.moveXY to the end of the level and created a loop for a fight sequence there. Thankfully my HP held out as I vanquished the goblins. Although this was a successful strategy, I wasn’t sure if this was what the level was aiming for.

I have seen the edit option on other levels such as the winding trail now.

Anyone can edit a level, but only the publisher of the level can allow those edits to be made public. This allows a person to make a tweak to a level and submit it for approval.

As for the loop, you could change your boots to allow self.moveRight()

Or, I solved this level with something like:

self.pos is a hidden feature, or maybe I wasn’t supposed to be able to access it yet!


As far as I know,the moveXY becomes available with a new set of boots that gives you that command.


6 Statements or less (not lines)

The reason you havent got the bonus is because you have used more than 6 statements.It does not calculate the no of lines of code rather the number of statements.Let me explain with an example :smile:


The above line of consists of 2 statements namely

  • this.attack()
  • this.findNearestEnemy()

Even though you have written it in one line of code,it dosent matter it will still count as 2 statements.So a proper 1 statement line of code would be

this.attack(enemy); // This is a single statement

Hope this helped you out.Feel free to ask any querries. :slight_smile: Cheers

I solved this Level with manaBlast (4.2s).
I can`t imagine the first solution (1.6s) …