Lists of Levels to Worlds

Looking but not finding:

  1. List sets of the levels that have been brought into the main game for each world.
  2. Any location (rss please) where news is published when a new level is brought into the main.

Does that make sense? Do these exist?

As far as I know, not yet.

There are 4-5 new levels published per week, and you should get an email whenever that happens (unless you disabled that). Check your settings.

Of course I can only guess, but a RSS-Feed seems a little to much just for the information that every Wednesday new levels are published. This is for the CC-Team to decide.

Some levels are listed in When do I get which Item, though the list is currently outdated for the mountain-area.

Is there any special reason you need this? I can send you some pictures (screenshots) of the level-lists. A text-list is currently out of my available scope, as I’m pretty busy with my work.

I played through everything a few months ago and now my account is in a sorry state. I think that this is because when a level is beat, the game unlocks levels that depend on it. So when a new level is released I need to re-run the old level to trigger the unlock. Since I can’t find a level dependency list I figure this is the next best way. Clicking everything on the maps is suboptimal.

Haven’t seen the emails, I’ll double check the settings, it’s better then nothing. If they have the names I might be able to call the new levels out by URL alone.

I think a RSS would be great, I use them as my main source to aggregate content and updates. From webcomics (pubished daily), podcasts (weekly), library fines or security patches (sporadic) etc etc etc. I don’t have to remember and check in on different sources. People just don’t love them enough ;p. I hope CC-Team will put one or two together. If it’s a question of needing the help…

Hey, check it out:

Mail chimp puts together an RSS anyhow! Thanks @J_F_B_M, for getting me on the mailing list!