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Mass reclaiming of licenses based upon time

Hello, I am an instructor who belongs to a program that reaches children of all ages and demographics throughout the year with the intent of teaching them programming skills. We use the teacher-student accounts on Code Combat to teach them programming but we have quickly run into an issue. We have purchased 300 licenses and given them to students throughout the year in different programs. The question I have is whether or not it is possible to redact licenses en masse based on some criteria specifically when the last time they logged on. In the past year, we have had nearly 400 students signed up in various classes on the teacher account and now we are done to about 10 licenses. We want to pull licenses from prior students who have not been on in the past two months. However, we do not just want to pull everybody’s licenses as to not disenfranchise a student who does go on. I know that you can look at when each individual student last logged on but is there a way to check and pull licenses on a larger scale?

Hi @Aidan_Dickinson,
Please email, and he’ll help with the questions.
Kind Regards,