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More levels with Programaticon 5?

Hi. I just had a look at Programaticon 5 and found out that there are a lot of new things coming with it. So could there be more levels where I can understand better this Programaticon? ( PS I am a Phyton coder, so could you make the debuger for Phyton and not only for Java Script?)

Have you completed all the levels yet? Some of the functions in the Promatticon 5 are explained in the very last levels.
If there are any specific methods you need help with you can ask here, or in a PM.

For the ‘debugger’, don’t forget control+shift+J…

Ok. But does it work in Phyton?

Yes…I’m not very proficient with it myself, but it does work.

I tried all the levels ( I still have to finish 3 of them ) but I think that we should have more levels to use all the new things that come with Programaticon 5.

Ok. Thanks for telling me

Don’t forget the replayables…how much better, or further, could you do on those?

I got quite far. Now I am working at the multiplayer levels.

Ahhh, don’t we all :wink: I’m afraid it may just not happen. I think the team is working more on Ozaria than on CodeCombat at the moment.

Then I’ll try Ozaria, I think it will be nice. :wink:

At the moment it’s only available for schools, so you may need to set up a student account or something.

I know someone who has a teacher account, and I finished all the students’ levels in Code Combat already, so it won’t be a problem.