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Most expensive items/heroes that is released to the public

What do you think is the most expensive right now I am pretty sure its shiver and ritic

No, not really :slight_smile:

Oh jeez, why am I thinking that is HTML changing though.?

No, it’s not. :slight_smile:

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Look in the thang editor

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Where is it?
20 chars

One question. How did you get from 1e + 49 gems to 499019 gems so fast?

well technicly lemme just change the title :upside_down_face:

hmm maybe bought the shiver and order of the paladin

That is fake but you did have to code to put it there

What do you mean by its fake?
If you mean @Chaboi_3000’s gems, its not “fake”, it is dev environment, which you can install on your computor, and you have to do a little coding to get it.

How did you get all those gems

He/she has dev environment.

Please do not assume, unless you are positive.


look at this