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Multiple matches against the same opponent


I’m sure this is not how (Brawlwood-)ranking is supposed to be:

I had to simulate dozens of random matches before I got the chance to simulate one of “my own” so I was possibly the only guy running the simulator.
To speed things up I had 3-5 Browser-windows running ( they all crashed at “zoology vs. chess” from time to time ).
I was running Google-Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116m on Windows Vista x64.

PS: I also noticed that according to the “Guide” Ogre Munchkins cost 14g when they really only cost 6g ( which makes them slightly to strong :wink: ).


I am having the same problem.
The simulator get stuck running zoology vs zoology.

It has crash at least 4 times when i get to that simulation.


@schmatz do we have an issue for this, or has it resurfaced?