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[SOLVED] Savern Treasure


Savern Treasure is not working. It says on the loading screen “Error loading from server”.


Did you type the name of the level wrong (it works fine for me)


I don’t think so but it is working now.


Okay. Mark the topic solved.


Done. (20 chaarr rs )


Sorry(20 characters)


Hate how I’m not a Regular anymore (I didn’t visit CodeCombat forum for a long time) :frowning:


That’s fine, you don’t need to be sorry I was just putting it in for you because I didn’t know you were here.


Oh, I didn’t know it went away.


Yeah sad. You have to keep visiting to keep your title.


Yay I just got Regular back (1 minute ago) :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah, that’s so cool how did that happen?


I can’t imagine how that happened…:sunglasses:


No idea… (I’m serious. Go to my profile and look at my Regular badge. it says granted something minutes ago)


Wait did you give him the badge, if you did; that’s so cool!


I know he used to be a regular.


Pretty sure I earned it… (I think @MunkeyShynes thought I had Regular all the time, and thinks I just equipped the title just now)

@MunkeyShynes it’s possible to lose the Regular rank if you become inactive.


I didn’t know that was possible, that’s amazing, the power!


I really want to become a regular


I’m sure you will be because you are active and I think it’s just because you haven’t been here for that long.