My only complaint

why are the only charicters that non subscribers can use is a warior there should be more charicter types

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I suppose that the game restricts character type to “warrior” for non-subscribers and offers a wide selection of heroes for subscribers so as to entice the players and convince them to subscribe (of course, I could be wrong as I am not a subscriber myself). Of course, cool heroes aren’t the only reason why subscriptions are so awesome…:wink: However, I do agree with you. Our options are quite limited, and now with the release of Ritic the Cold, I couldn’t be more jealous of the subscribers…:cry:


I’m a subscriber and I’ll give you my thoughts and opinions.

The type of characters does not really affect the game much. I will admit, I mostly subscribed so I could unlock other classes. While a manaBlast or ranged weapon is cool, I would say that it doesn’t really make a difference. You’re better off using those gems to get better gear for the warrior class. I recently purchased Ritic with the gems I had saved up and aside from the aesthetic point of view and the feeling of having Ritic, I still have to program code to solve the problem, the hero won’t do that on its own. Most of the time, I use Tharin, one of the four characters you get at the beginning at the game and I’m having a blast with the game. I’ll even go as far as saying that some levels are more fun with a warrior class because they are so tanky. In the end, it doesn’t matter which hero you have, its about the skills you pick up through the CodeCombat journey.


I am also a subscriber.

I subscribed for mainly gems every month and only use those gems on heroes for now. Like @_TD_RodYT said the new heroes aren’t that much of a difference except when you have to do mass destruction to a lot of ogres and use the mage or archer for area damage(I also use emperors gloves but watching me do a billion attacks and mauling ogres with overkill of 300ish damage is much more satisfying). So unless you want to use a different strategy to complete a level or have more levels to complete subscribing isn’t as good. It just boosts you to make it easier (It also gives you bragging rights for having Ritic the cold).


Ritic the Cold makes you user the cool! :slight_smile:

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