Need better gear? Earn gems for simulating games

@EpicLibrarian you can check out my help guide on multiplayer / gem farming. I don’t know where in particular you might be having trouble. But if the guide doesn’t help. Please let me know so I can work through this with you as other people might have a similar issue.

Multiplayer Guide (simulations) Guide for playing Multiplayer ladders / simulating / clans - or - How to Gem farm - read if you need multiplayer help

Also if you resolve it, can please let me know the issue and fix for it as I would like to help other people in the same situation by appending the guide.


[added later]

Have you tried clicking the volume button 20 times?

If you try to simulate another 5k games using the farming method recommended above and still don’t see any change then I would have to wonder if there was a bug?