Need better gear? Earn gems for simulating games


Thanks, I checked into the game today to do the quiz and saw the “The citizens of ladderville thank you” message. I noticed my gem count went up, as well as my level. Thanks for letting me know!


| games | gems |

simulated received
100 126
200 167
500 240
1 000 317
2 000 418
5 000 603
10 000 796
20 000 1 051
50 000 1 516
100 000 2 000
200 000 2 639
500 000 3 807
1 000 000 5 024
2 000 000 6 629
5 000 000 9 564


hi does this mean i am getting gems?



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Hi, i’m sorry if this is already around, i didn’t found about it.

I remember leaving my account with like 2k gems, or around 1.9k. Now i come back in, and that algorythm of randomnumber gave 1369 as result, and my gems are 1369.

The code that it displays says:

me.gems += 1369. So if i had 1.900 + 1369 its like 3200 gems, right? Or it is intended that the random number of gems replaces my actual gems? Or am i just wrong?


It is not possible that the algorithm gives a result of 1369 gems. The highest it cane give you is equivalent to your level.


Oh, i see, so it was me, i should have left it with like 1.3k… Thanks!

EDIT: I paid more attention to it, and the max is TWICE you level. Because the formula is: 2randomnumberme.level

So the max is randomnumber being 1, that is twice your level.


It didn’t work for me. I simulated and I didn’t get gems. HELP!!!


It doesn’t happen instantly, and it takes multiple simulations (and more each time you get credit).

Playing with the sound options (or any other change to your account) will have a chance to run the script that checks if you’ve run enough simulations for credit.


Huh. That’s weird. I simulated a lot of games and I never got any gems.


So I am level 16 and I have over 50k simulations. I still have not gotten the simulation achievement to show anything more than 1 xp 1 gem (still grayed out). Any suggestions?


@EpicLibrarian you can check out my help guide on multiplayer / gem farming. I don’t know where in particular you might be having trouble. But if the guide doesn’t help. Please let me know so I can work through this with you as other people might have a similar issue.

Multiplayer Guide (simulations) Guide for playing Multiplayer ladders / simulating / clans - or - How to Gem farm - read if you need multiplayer help

Also if you resolve it, can please let me know the issue and fix for it as I would like to help other people in the same situation by appending the guide.


[added later]

Have you tried clicking the volume button 20 times?

If you try to simulate another 5k games using the farming method recommended above and still don’t see any change then I would have to wonder if there was a bug?


Please help I have tons of simulations that I worked hard for and I have
proof that I have them but I had my gems like 2 days ago but I logged in
and they were all gone! I am really worried (already did sound button
thing and tried everything please add the gems to my account)

(name is) dawarrior
I had 1259428 simulations no joke!!! Please help!!


I wonder if @nick would have a better view into this.

@EpicLibrarian did the simulations work for the Cavern Survival level? Are you still not seeing any award?

@DaWarrior I did a quick update to your post so that it was easier to read for the staff. I would recommend typing normally in the future as content typed in all caps can be seen as shouting, or as bad etiquette when asking for help in the forums. Just typing normal will get you much better results and people will have an easier time reading what you wrote so they will be more inclined to help.


Hey DaWarrior, are you sure it’s the same account? I only see 2829 games simulated on the DaWarrior account, and I don’t see anyone with 1259428 simulations, so I’m wondering if you can help me track down the info on what might have happened.


After just 36 hours of simulating, I just broke into the top 100!


How do you collect your gems after simulating?


it isnt working for me i did the volume but nada


:tada: Just reached 500K simulations in about 90 hours. :tada:

:tada: and 1 million simulations in about 8 1/2 days. :tada:


Just started experiencing a problem with the simulations. They are being detected by Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit as an exploit and then the tabs crash. I’m using Firefox.

The MBAE logs repeatedly state:

Mozilla Firefox (and add-ons) has been enforced with BottomUp ASLR
Mozilla Firefox (and add-ons) has been enforced with Anti-HeapSpraying
An exploit code has been blocked in Mozilla Firefox (and add-ons)

over and over and over and over and…

I have no add-ons or extensions installed in this browser, which is why I was using it for the simulations. It happens every time I try to run simulations. The history/cache was cleared of everything from the beginning of time and then the machine restarted. After a brief time, MBAE did it again.

I really don’t want to add Firefox as an exclusion to the MBAE, which is the only choice I have to stop this from occurring and continue simulating sans the crashes.

This just started happening yesterday. Until then, simulations had been happily chugging away (see above post). No changes have been made to the machine. It is just used for netflix and watching movies. This happens even when it is not being used for anything else other than the simulations. Any suggestions?

Not Earning Gems or XP From Simulated Games