Need help removing my subscription

I subscribed 12 accounts (including myself) for a summer camp. I would like to resolve some issues over the phone privately; but I can’t find any phone number to talk to real people; I did not get any response by sending in-game email. Hence this public call for help.

  1. According to what you post, the teacher is supposed to get a free account, I filled out the survey but did not get any further response.

  2. One of my students accidentally changed the language to ‘Io’ on the first day. We tried everything in vain to switch back to Python. We searched the forum and sended in-game email for help. No body responsed. Finally I have to pose the issue in the forum. Eventually Nick solved my problem. But it already created a lot of unnecessary frustrations and distraction in the following 3 days. It dampened the summer camp’s excitement and to a certain degree.

  3. Now the summer camp is over, I need to cancel ALL my subscription so my credit card won’t be charged next month. I was able to cancel half of my subscriptions, but the other half remain un-subscriptable no matter how many times I tried in the last week. Again I send in-game email, and no response.

  4. Please reimburse the subscription fee for the first account (teacher), if I qualify.

  5. Please help me remove ALL my subscriptions, I feel very uncomfortable with my credit card still in file, and half a dozen accounts still stuck as subscripted.

May I make the following suggestions:

  1. Include a phone number so paid customers can resolve their issues over the phone privately.

  2. As far as I can tell, the only way to contact you is to send in-game email. How about tag in-game email from paid account with ‘special high priority’ so someone can response ASAP.

  3. There have to be a reliable way for paid customs to contact you: preferably by phone, or a lively chat, or a constantly monitored email request.

I and the kids enjoy code combat, but the custom service really need to be greatly improved. I hope I have better luck when I organize another coding camp using codecombat in the future.


Hi MLV, we got your email yesterday, but we can’t always respond to emails too quickly on Sundays. Actually, Matt is getting back from a vacation today, and I wanted him to take a look at your uncancelable subscriptions to see if there is a bug or UX issue there. Don’t worry, we’ll reimburse the teacher account and any other subscription payments that weren’t warranted, like the one for the Io camper’s account.

It’s strange that you didn’t get a response to the email; when did you fill out the survey?

We already do tag subscriber email in the priority inbox. Actually, we’re a really small team, and sometimes we can’t offer immediate, synchronous support, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to make progress developing CodeCombat. I did have my phone number up at one point, and I had to take it down, because it’s much less efficient for us to handle support issues over the phone. Same thing for the live chat support.

That said, it probably will make sense to increase support responsiveness further and provide a phone number for teachers who are managing many student’s accounts, since we should be able to do offer faster support for you than for single premium subscribers.

Thanks for your patience and support!

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Hi Nick:

The survey was filled out about the time I purchased my subscriptions. I really hate to use public forum to conduct personal business. Hopefully you can provide a reliable and private channel for subscription related issues in the future.

Thanks for taking care of the teacher and one student’s subscription fee. It is lucky that I planned multiple coding activities in the summer camp; hence every kid learned some coding. I believe codecombat is a fun way to learn coding, I encouraged the kids’ parents to subscribe codecombat on their own so their kids can continue learning on their own.

I understand you are a small team; please, if you have not already done so, have a member dedicated to make sure the business-side is running smoothly. Keep up the good work. I’ll continue promote your excellent learning platform.


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